Formulation expertise meets equipment excellence for perfect tablets.

Formulation expertise meets equipment excellence for perfect tablets. from Medelpharm

Company Profile
Medelpharm, located in Lyon, South-East of France, is a high-precision engineering company manufacturing research and development (R&D) tablet presses and providing innovative solutions for powder analysis and formulation.

The new STYL'One Evolution tableting instrument is a high-speed, all-in-one multilayer tool designed for use in tablet development from early formulation to scale-up at production speed.

Medelpharm also offers its professional tableting instruments to various universities for training purposes so students can gain experience on current and future working methods. The company has university partnerships worldwide.

Medelpharm’s team of experienced scientists provide powder characterisation services for screening of numerous formulations and testing powder flowability, powder densities, and tabletability.

Medelpharm distributes renowned and innovative technologies in powder processing from lab-scale to production with brands such as supplier of special process machines LB Bohle, manufacturer and developer of equipment for the production of pellets Caleva, and manufacturer of pharmaceutical hammer mills Fitzpatrick.

Distribution & support of the STYL'One Tableting instrument is part of a global partnership with the Romaco (Kilian) Group.


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