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Considered the experts in Host Cell Protein analysis Cygnus Technologies has the analytical solutions for HCP, bioprocess contaminant testing and residual DNA detection. Our generic HCP ELISA kits are sensitive and broadly reactive and are ideal for purification process development and QC lot release testing. If you require a process specific ELISA kit we can develop a custom kit within 6 months. Your custom kits are already validated for your process, easy to use and always in stock.

We also offer two new technologies for detection and identification of individual HCPs in upstream and downstream samples. If you require evidence that your antibody is broadly reactive our Antibody Affinity Extraction method can specifically determine the reactivity to all potential upstream HCPs. For those individual HCPs that persist through your purification process our 2D HPLC-ELISA allows for the determination of reactivity on a 'total mass' basis as well as '% coverage' of individual HCPs.