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HTD Biosystems is a contract research & development organization providing development of injectable products. Founded in 2001, our services focus on the rapid advancement of proteins, antibodies, peptides and biological drug candidates from the bench to the clinic. Our capabilities include:

• Formulation & Lyophilization Development
• GLP Manufacturing of Tox lots
• Biophysical Characterization

Our experience includes solutions for developing stable injectables for biologics, high concentration proteins, poorly soluble compounds and controlled release formulations

HTD Biosystem's drug delivery technologies include:

• Liposomes
• Vaccines
• Nanoparticles
• Lyophilized products
• Nano suspensions

HTD Biosystem's analytical technologies include:

• Characterization of sub-visible particles and aggregates
• Solid-state characterization
• Protein conformation and stability

HTD has over 160 clients globally, ranging from small to large biotechnology companies in the North & South America, Europe, Australia & Asia. HTD has successfully completed several pharma quality audits.