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Simulations Plus, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLP) is the premier developer of modeling & simulation software and consulting services supporting drug discovery, development research, and regulatory submissions. We partner with companies to provide a data-driven, ‘strategic modeling methodology’, starting in early discovery, continuing through preclinical/clinical development, and concluding with clinical trials/post approval.

With our subsidiaries; Cognigen Corporation, and DILIsym Services we offer #1-ranked, easy-to-use software (GastroPlus™, ADMET Predictor™, KIWI™, DILIsym®, NAFLDsym®, PKPlus™, and more) to bridge data mining, compound library screening with QSAR models, PBPK/TK modeling & simulation in animals and humans following administration around the body, and quantitative systems pharmacology approaches.

Simulations Plus technology is licensed to and used by regulatory agencies worldwide. For over 20 years, Simulations Plus has partnered with our clients to reduce costs and accelerate research and development productivity by improving the ways scientists use knowledge and data to predict the properties and outcomes of pharmaceutical & biotechnology agents. Simulations Plus’ team of over 90 dedicated scientists & professionals, with decades of experience, stands ready to help.

Check out our webinar series to learn how your peers are applying our technology!

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