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PTL provides expert particle characterizations to clients in industry, scientific research and government. In industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, environmental, manufacturing, regulatory and others, PTL is the recognized leader in particle analysis services including surface area analysis, image analysis, and powder flowability analysis.

Analytical Integrity
Particle Technology Labs provides only the most scientifically reliable and accurate particle characterization test results. PTL's analysts are as qualified and precise as the equipment we use to determine particle size, thermal analysis, powder rheology and more.

The Independent Perspective
A PTL particle characterization test is free of all bias. Test instrumentation is always selected on the basis of merit, never due to business relationships with vendors. Our staff designs all tests and selects from our wide range of instruments with one goal in mind: accurate, independent particle characterization test results.

Providing Regulatory Compliance
PTL particle characterization tests satisfy regulatory compliance requirements for a wide range of sectors in industry and government. Our lab operating practices are in compliance with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) as decreed by the FDA. We hold permits from the FDA and DEA and ATF, and are registered with the Illinois DNR (IL DNR).

Comprehensive Problem Solving
PTL is a one-stop shop for particle characterization of the universe of sample types: from wet to dry, from food to materials, from natural to synthetic and every type in between. Pharmaceutical, environmental, regulatory and law enforcement are only some of the industries we service. We provide specific analysis to request, or we design the best analysis based on client need. With a broad selection of the newest and legacy equipment, PTL provides consulting and highly accurate testing for solutions based on particle size analysis, surface area analysis, thermal analysis, image analysis, dynamic viscosity measurement and more.