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A leading source of Scientific Image Analysis Solutions for quantitative microscopy, Clemex Technologies inc. provides Image Analysis Software for Quality Control and Research laboratories.

Major corporations around the world and in various disciplines such as healthcare, general manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive and research use Clemex Image Analysis products on a daily basis.

>> Reproducible particle size and shape image analysis
Clemex PSA is a versatile particle size and shape image analysis tool that can be used particularly in the pharmaceutical industry and in material science for quality control. Clemex essential advantage: obtaining real size and shape measurements with results that are accurate, reliable and reproducible.

>> Multipurpose Image Analysis
From intelligent entry-level software for capturing, quantifying and sharing images Clemex Captiva to the perfect partner for single image analysis applications Clemex Vision Lite and the more elaborate image analyses of Clemex Vision PE, we have custom turn-key solutions for you.