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Maine Biotechnology Services
1037R Forest Avenue
Portland , ME 04103

Phone: (207) 797-5454
Fax: (207) 797-5595

MBS has over 25 years experience and knowledge base with the most complex antibody challenges, including anti-idiotypic and membrane-bound protein projects. The cornerstone of antibody and assay development at MBS is a technical team approach to project design and planning. The MBS antibody development strategy focuses on the timely generation of data from large fusion screens that allow for the identification of quality antibody candidates. A rigorous set of innovative and thorough screening tools are creatively developed and executed to meet customer goals with data-driven decision-making. If the goals of a project change during the course of development, MBS uses accumulated data to efficiently shift focus to meet the new goals. Polyclonal antibody development can be seamlessly integrated at MBS when the goal of having a matched pair is defined. With antibody samples and screening reagents already in-house, MBS is extremely effective at compressing project timelines and accommodating budget constraints for our customers. Full antibody production, purification, characterization services are also available at MBS.

In addition to custom services, MBS offers a growing catalog of monoclonal and polyclonal products. Antibodies recognizing myeloperoxidase, cortisol, osteopontin, PEG, Ig controls, His-tag, and norovirus (Sydney strain) are among the growing list of internally developed and well supported antibodies offered. My developing and producing antibodies in house MBS is able to share a rich data package and the best pricing in the marketplace to our product customers.