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Corden Pharma

2075 55th St Boulder, CO 80301-2803 Tel: 800-868-8208

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Derivatized Phospholipid Manufacturing, Lipids CordenPharma

Phospholipid derivatives, MPEG-conjugated phospholipids and cationic lipids manufactured in multi-gram to multi-kilogram scale. GMP contract manufacturing of proprietary lipds and standard lipid ...

APIs ~ GMP Contract Manufacturing & Development CordenPharma

... sterile and generic APIs, building blocks,carboyhydrates and phospholipids ... be used as building blocks and conjugates. Derivatized Phospholipids CordenPharma’s scientists have mastered the chemical total ...

Conjugate Manufacturing ~ Lipids and Peptides, Lipopeptides CordenPharma

cGMP Manufacturing of phospholipid and peptide conjugate products such lipo-peptides

New and Press CordenPharma

... Catalogue Product order process for s mall pack Phospholipids (1g and 10g) and Pseudoprolines (10g and 25g). ...

Peptides, Oligonucleotides, Lipids & Carbohydrates Platform CordenPharma

... manufacturing, including custom lipids and standard lipids ( Glycero-Phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Cationic Lipids), for which CordenPharma holds several ...

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CordenPharma is full-service CMO partner in the Contract Development & Manufacturing of Drug Products, their ...

Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.

700 Industrial Park Drive Alabaster, AL 35007 Tel: 205-663-2494

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Products | Avanti Polar Lipids

... Transfection) Fluorescent Lipids Headgroup Modified Lipids Neutral Lipids Phospholipids Polymers & Polymerizable Lipids Sphingolipids Stable Isotopes & ESR Probes ...

Phospholipids | Avanti Polar Lipids

... Here To See Avanti’s Full Line Of Phospholipids ... Home > Products > New Products > Phospholipids Products Buy Lipids Phospholipids Click Here To See Avanti's Full Line Of Phospholipids MENU

Phospholipids | Avanti Polar Lipids

Home > Products > Phospholipids Products Buy Lipids Phospholipids Plasmalogens Standards Oxidized Lipids Bis(Monoacylglycero)Phosphate (BMP) Lipids for Supported Monolayers & Bilayers Sterol- ...

Storage & Handling of Lipids | Avanti Polar Lipids

... Tech Support Storage & Handling of Lipids Organic Solutions Phospholipids supplied as an organic solution should be stored ... to transfer lipids stored as organic solutions. Powders Phospholipids supplied as a powder should be handled as ...

Physical Properties | Avanti Polar Lipids

Phase Transition Temperatures for Glycerophospholipids Miscibility of Phospholipid Binary Mixtures Ionization Constants Of Phospholipids Critical Micelle

External Resources | Avanti Polar Lipids

... 0849389245 Membrane Biophysics Laboratory Structural parameters of aqueous phospholipid mixtures. ... 0849389245 Membrane Biophysics Laboratory Structural parameters of aqueous phospholipid mixtures. Visit Site Cyberlipid Center Resource site for ...

Fluorescent Lipids | Avanti Polar Lipids

... Buy Lipids Fluorescent Lipids Other Sterols Oxidized Lipids Phospholipids Fatty Acid Labeled PI & PIP PS PG PE & ... Labeled Omega Sphingosine Labeled TopFluor® Derivatives Sterols Sphingolipids Phospholipids Glycerolipids Glycerolipids MENU

Avanti Polar Lipids | More Than Lipids

Avanti Polar Lipids is a specialist manufacturer of phospholipids, sphingolipids, sterols, detergents, antibodies, acyl coenzyme A, fluorescent & ...

FAQs | Avanti Polar Lipids

... the differences between (advantages of) synthetic and natural phospholipids? What are the

Liposome Preparation | Avanti Polar Lipids

... on sonication, read “Morrissey Lab Protocol for Preparing Phospholipid Vesicles (SUV) by Sonication.” ii. Extrusion**: Lipid extrusion ...

Analytical Procedures | Avanti Polar Lipids

... Extraction Determination of Total Phosphorus TLC Analysis of Phospholipids TLC Procedure for Synthetic PIPs TLC Solvent Systems - ...

Employment Opportunities at Avanti | Avanti Polar Lipids

... Lipids, Inc. has been manufacturing the highest quality phospholipids, sphingolipids and sterols for the research and pharmaceutical ...

New Products | Avanti Polar Lipids

... Bioactive Lipids Sterols The Avanti Tool Box Sphingolipids Phospholipids Stable Isotopes & ESR Probes MENU

Detergents | Avanti Polar Lipids

... Nonionic Lipid Mesophase Crystallization Monoalkylphosphocholine (MAPCHO) Short-Chain Phospholipids Lysophospholipids Cationic MENU

Natural Lipids | Avanti Polar Lipids

... Natural Lipids Extracts Dolichols TLR-4 Agonist Cholesterol Phospholipids Lyso Lipids Hydrogenated Cardiolipin Phosphatidic acid Phosphatidylinositol & PIP ...

Polymers & Polymerizable Lipids | Avanti Polar Lipids

... PEG Lipids Functionalized PEG Lipids mPEG Ceramides mPEG Phospholipids mPEG 5000 mPEG 3000 mPEG 2000 mPEG 1000 ...

Stable Isotopes & ESR Probes | Avanti Polar Lipids

... TEMPO PC DOXYL PC Miscellaneous - Deuterated Sterols - Deuterated Phospholipids - Deuterated Sphingolipids - Deuterated 13C Probes Skin Ceramides - Deuterated ...

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... research and pharmaceutical scientists with the highest quality phospholipids, sphingolipids and sterols. To accomplish our mission, Avanti ...

Particle Sciences, Inc.

3894 Courtney Street Suite 180 Bethlehem, PA 18017 Tel: 610-861-4701

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Glossary of Drug Nanotechnology - Terms and Definitions

... Liposome – spherical nanoparticles made of one or more phospholipid bilayers surrounding an aqueous core. Liposomes are used ... the bilayer membrane, and if made of cationic phospholipids, trap and deliver oligonucleotides for gene therapy. LyoCells – ...

Phase Behavior of Surface-Active Solutes - Phase Diagrams

... use naturally occurring surfactants, such as lecithin and phospholipids. Most discussions of surfactants are concerned with relatively ... mesophases in water. In addition, oil lipids (monoglycerides, phospholipids and sterol esters) are used and can also ...

Mass Spectrometry in Bioanalysis - Particle Sciences

... sample components. Matrix components in biological fluids (salts, phospholipids, and metabolites for example) can cause ion suppression ... related materials, elimination of endogenous compounds, such as phospholipids, that cause ion suppression/ enhancement, and concentration to ...

Solid State Characterization - Particle Sciences

... use of co-solvents or other excipients (surfactants, phospholipids), and manipulation of particle size/morphology. Reduction of ...

Encapsulation - Particle Sciences

... L-lactic-co-glycolic acid, polycaprolactone, etc), lipids (phospholipids, triglycerides and natural waxes) or insoluble metal salts ...

Surfactants: Micellization, Liquid Crystal Structures

... naturally occurring amphoteric surfactants such as lecithin and phospholipids. A separate category now exists for SAA’s ...

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... Liposome – spherical nanoparticles made of one or more phospholipid bilayers surrounding an aqueous core. Liposomes are used ... the bilayer membrane, and if made of cationic phospholipids, trap and deliver oligonucleotides for gene therapy. LyoCells – ...

Simulations Plus

42505 10th Street West Lancaster, CA 93534 Tel: +1 661 723-7723

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... lysosomal storage disorder characterized by the accumulation of phospholipids in the tissues of the body. Lysosomes are ... of the nervous system, where the presence of phospholipids may disrupt neuronal cell signaling and may be ...

Alturas Analytics

1324 Alturas Drive Moscow, ID 83843 Tel: (208) 883-3400

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... on Protein Binding Results Extracted with a Prototype Phospholipid Removal Plate and Analyzed using MFLC-MS/MS - ...

Phospholipid Research Center

Im Neuenheimer Feld 582 Heidelberg 49-06-2215-888360


20-3, Ebisu 4-chome Shibuya-ku Tokyo 91-46-8197-90


125 Sandy Drive Newark, DE 19713-1148 302-737-4297

Lipoid, LLC

744 Broad Street Suite 1801 Newark, NJ 07102 973-735-2692

Wako Laboratory Chemicals

1600 Bellwood Rd. Richmond, VA 23237-1326 804-714-1920

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