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200 Perry Parkway Suite 1 Gaithersburg, MD 20877 Tel: 301.545.0238

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Neural Cell Culture Media & Supplements

... to enhance long-term survival and performance of primary neural cells. ... for Neural Cell Growth and Maintenance Classic Neural Media and Supplements We also offer Primary Neural Cells and iPSC-Derived Neural Cells Product Compare (0) ...

Primary Neural Cells

0 item(s) - $0.00 Primary Neural Cells MTI-GlobalStem provides the highest quality neural cells, cell culture media and other essential reagents to help move your research forward. Solutions for Neuroscience Research MTI-GlobalStem supplies a variety of primary ...

NeuralQ® Basal Medium (1X)

... for maximum growth and long-term viability of primary neural cells in culture; 500ml

NeuralX™ NSCMedium (1X)

... for maximum growth and long-term viability of primary neural stem cells in culture; 500 ml

GS21™ Neural Supplement (50X)

... after 1, 2 and 4 weeks in culture - Primary Neurons were cultured in GS21™ supplemented neural base media. MAP2 labeling (top, left) was used to determine boundaries of the individual neuron cell bodies and associated neurites (colors are randomly assigned ...

GS21™ Neural Supplement w/o Steriods (50X)

... supplement designed to improve the overall performance of primary neurons in culture. Offered without steroids (50X) ... corticosterone and progesterone ideal for studying neuron-immune cell interactions. ... of primary neurons 1 . GS21™ is specifically optimized for the ...

GS22™ Neural Supplement (50X)

... 00 GS22™ Neural Supplement A serum‐free neural media supplement specifically optimized for the propagation and long‐term viability of proliferative neural cells such as human iPS-derived neural stem cells or rat primary oligodendrocyte precursors. GS22™ Supplement is intended to be ...

N2 Supplement (100X)

... Cart Related Products Primary Rat Neural Stem Cells Primary Rat Neural Stem Cells - ... neural media supplement specifically optimized for the pro.. $91.80 ...

GS21™ Neural Supplement w/o AO (50X)

... GS21™ Supplement is the next generation serum-free neural media ... feeder cells. Technical Data Recommended Use Studies of oxidative stress ...

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... life science and neurobiology research. Our products include primary and iPSC-derived neural cells, neuronal culture media & supplements, pluripotent stem cells and stem cell culture ...

Myriad RBM

3300 Duval Road Austin, TX 78759 Tel: 512-835-8026

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... 659-671 Therapy Indications Kidney Function and Toxicity Neural progenitor cells regulate microglia functions and activity (2012) Mosher KI, ...

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